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We absolutely love it, it’s been to Alaska, Key West, Michigan, Canada... twice, the Rockies and more. Every time that things attached to my car, people crowd around and want to talk about it.
—Dan, Tucson AZ—

Land Rover Camper

We have all seen the commercials of what a Land Rover can do. Images of these sturdy vehicles on safari grinding through a muddy stream bed somewhere on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. We know the reasons why you drive a Land Rover. With the GO Land Rover Camper, SylvanSport has built a camping and gear hauling trailer that can finally keep up with your Land Rover. Strong, reliable, and ready to take on safari, the GO Land Rover Camper is an epic addition to your vehicle.

Your Land Rover was Built for the Great Outdoors, and so is the GO Land Rover Camper

Under the hood of your Land Rover beats the heart of a utility vehicle crafted for the bush, outback, and all other points just barely on the map. With this kind of heart the GO Land Rover Camper is your vehicle’s long lost soul mate. Attach the hyper-engineered super lightweight yet incredibly strong GO Land Rover Camper to your trailer hitch today and see how this camper can take your adventures further. Built to get you and all your gear into the great outdoors for the duration, the GO Land Rover camper is simply the coolest. camper. ever.

The GO Land Rover Camper is Designed to be as Durable as Your Vehicle

Just like the folks at Land Rover, the SylvanSport engineers designed the GO Land Rover Camper to gladly withstand the punishment of a rocky single track trail whether in Africa or Utah’s Mojave Desert. Pile on a dozen mountain bikes and take your vehicle and all your camping supplies all the way out to that epic spot. With a rugged, fully tig welded aluminum frame and weather-proof lock boxes, your GO Land Rover Camper can help you handle any surprise out there in the wild.

The GO is a Great Accessory for any Model Land Rover

Whether you drive the classic Range Rover or the stylish new Evoque, the GO Land Rover Camper is your ideal outdoor accessory. The LR2 and LR4 can haul just about anything. See what a dream it is to hitch up your GO Land Rover Camper and follow the road until the blacktop ends. SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. With the GO Land Rover Camper you might as well forget about the blacktop and keep going.