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We live on a ranch in Northern California and have been sleeping outside in our Go due to unusually high temperatures. We find it much more comfortable sleeping in our Go than inside the house. Towing the unit behind our Honda Element is a breeze
—Peter, Sacramento CA—

Motorcycle Pop Up Camper

A Motorcycle Pop Up Camper Built for the Off Road Experience

Own a medium-sized motorcycle that you like to bring for the long haul? SylvanSport GO motorcycle pop up camper helps you make the most out of the limited space you have when you’re out on the highway. GO doubles as an aboveground pop up tent. GO is also a gear hauler. That means GO is multi-purpose for your multiple needs. Features like an adjustable frame, custom tent system, Control-Tilt cargo bed with pneumatic dampening system, and lockable watertight storage make GO motorcycle pop up camper a helper not a hindrance on your journey.

Camping Set Up is Easy with Your New Motorcycle Pop Up Camper

Versatility is one of GO’s greatest assets. SylvanSport’s motorcycle pop up camper fits into a variety of situations, whether you’re looking to go the distance on a long weekend with your bike or have a means to take both bike and family on the next vacation. Once you’re at base and unloaded, GO motorcycle pop up camper takes just 10 minutes to convert from a utility trailer into a comfortable aboveground camper that unfurls from the dedicated tent compartment. Not only will you be up off the uncertain terrain of your camping ground, you’ll be sleeping on insulated bed platforms and a custom self-inflating mattress by Pacific Outdoor Equipment that’s the equivalent of a king-sized bed and a half.

GO Motorcycle Pop Up Campers Haul Small and Medium Size Bikes – Large Hogs Beware

GO motorcycle pop up camper weighs 840 pounds and can carry a cargo of 800 pounds. That’s enough to haul two dirt bikes, a full-sized adult ATV, or—most importantly—a medium-sized motorcycle. The smaller your load, the smaller your tow vehicle needs to be, and the more comfortable traveling can be. SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. You could even go it alone with GO motorcycle pop up camper. It only takes one person to hitch GO up to your vehicle, so you can hit the road and soak up the sights in peaceful solitude, though a friend is always welcome for the ride.

Buy a Motorcycle Pop Up Camper Made in the USA

SylvanSport designed and built our first GO motorcycle pop up camper in Brevard, North Carolina, taking full advantage of the rugged trails and winding mountain roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains to refine the prototype into the versatile, durable specimen you see today. Each GO motorcycle pop up camper is still built and assembled in our Brevard headquarters—right here in the USA—, from the all-aluminum TIG-welded frame to the self-lubricating hubs and waterproof electrical system. Order your GO today and take its maiden voyage straight from our shop.