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Three sets of campers came over to look and ask questions as we set up the "GO." They all were impressed and wanted one! The "Go" was great to sleep in and pull. I'm so glad you created the "GO."
—Robert, Boynton Beach FL—

Kia Camper

Kia is a car brand that has pushed the design envelope lately with its sporty vehicles. As a Kia driver searching for the next edge for your automobile, look no further than the SylvanSport GO Kia Camper. Obsessed over in every detail by our elite team of gearhead engineers, this Kia Camper is the essential addition to your Kia experience. Built with your level of adventure in mind, the GO Kia Camper will take you, your gear, and your dreams of travel wherever they want to GO.

A Kia Camper that is a True Crossover in its Own Right

Built to be as versatile as a Swiss Army knife, the GO Kia Camper mirrors the hybrid design of the Kia family of Crossover vehicles by doubling as a gear trailer and a pop up camper. Live out your most epic outdoor adventures with the awesome combination that is the Kia Camper. Tow any of your outdoor toys, from bikes to boards, skis to scooters all from the hitch of your Sorento or Sportage. Once you’ve spent the entire day on adrenaline overload take the evening to chill out in our specialty designed Kelty tent system. It’s the best of both worlds built for you!!!

The Go Kia Camper is Ultra-light and Incredibly Easy to Haul

At SylvanSport we designed our Kia Camper with just the specifications of your vehicle in mind. We shaved every pound we could with our hyper-engineering of this Kia Camper’s durable alloy frame. Even the small Kia Soul can zip this 840 pound trailer right up the mountain with your bikes. SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. It turns on a dime and will match the tight handling of your Kia. Find out why the GO Kia Camper is the coolest. camper. ever.

Take Your Road Trip with Confidence in a Kia Camper

You know what your Kia is capable of doing out on the highways and back roads. Now see what it can do with the addition of a GO Kia Camper. Set out on a great road trip adventure with the knowledge that you are hauling this most amazing travel trailer. Special waterproof lock boxes keep all your excess gear safe. Our unique trailer system fits all your big toys, and our pop up tent system lets you rest comfortably wherever you stop for the night… Hit the highway with this Kia Camper and experience adventure delivered in the style you have come to expect.