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Try as we might we are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to suggest a design improvement. The GO is perfect. Our GO came through a 35 mph wind storm and flooding rains without any problem
—Jim and Donna, Berea OH.—

Pull Behind Trailer

Ever want to go on a family camping trip, but don’t know how to get all of the equipment up the mountain? The SylvanSport GO is the perfect pull behind trailer to get all of your gear to its final destination.  Whether you are carrying bikes, surfboards, snowboards, kayaks, a motorcycle or ATV, the GO pull behind trailer is designed to safely haul all of your gear, so that you can fully enjoy your outdoor experience.

The GO Pull Behind Trailer Hauls Anything!

Have a load of outdoor gear, but don’t know how to get it from one place to the next? GO is an amazing pull behind trailer that can carry more than six bikes or kayaks with 39 cubic feet of storage space on the deck. This pull behind trailer conveniently weighs in at a mere 840 pounds and can even carry a motorcycle or ATV.  The GO pull behind trailer is equipped to haul anything you have to wherever it needs to go.

A Pull Behind Trailer Made for Kayaking Trips

The GO is a one-of-a-kind pull behind trailer that is perfect for all kayaking trips.  Not only can GO fit up to a dozen kayaks, but it also includes a waterproof storage box. The lockable waterproof storage box has 9 cubic feet of storage that doubles as a cooler. Load your kayaks, get on the road, and GO adventure with this unique pull behind trailer.

A Pull Behind Trailer Made for Mountain Biking Trips

Don’t let hauling gear be another obstacle that gets in the way of you and your mountain biking adventures.  GO can carry up to a dozen bikes so that you can hit the trails with full energy and all your friends.  This pull behind trailer has custom aluminum extrusions, fully tig-welded frames, and an over all sturdy construction. This pull behind trailer was designed to get your gear to the top of the mountain so that you and your friends can get on your bikes and GO. 

A Pull Behind Trailer Made for Camping and Hiking Vacations

SylvanSport’s GO is a pull behind trailer that truly embodies the spirit of the outdoors. The GO comes equipped with a comfortable pop-up tent that can be erected in less than ten minutes so that you can get to your destination and quickly set up camp. Once camp is set up, unpack all of your hiking gear from this pull behind trailer and hit the trails. The SylvanSport GO is a Swiss Army Knife of a pull behind trailer that can transform into whatever you need to suit your camping and hiking desires.