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We live on a ranch in Northern California and have been sleeping outside in our Go due to unusually high temperatures. We find it much more comfortable sleeping in our Go than inside the house. Towing the unit behind our Honda Element is a breeze
—Peter, Sacramento CA—



Kayak Trailer

A Kayak Trailer For the Expert or Beginner

In the last two decades the sport of kayaking has taken off in the United States. What was once a sport for extreme sports athletes has become a pastime for hobbyists of all levels. Be warned: once you try it, you may be hooked! The next big challenge? Transporting your boat from one paddle spot to the next with the help of a kayak trailer.

Fortunately, with the SylvanSport GO and GO-Easy, figuring out the logistics for a kayak trailer just got a whole lot easier. The GO is a multipurpose outdoor gear trailer capable of carrying multiple kayaks and most other outdoor gear and equipment. Hailed as the Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers, it is an all-purpose bike trailer, kayak trailer, boat trailer, gear trailer, and pop-up camper, all-in-one.

Like an industrious ant, the GO-Easy can carry more weight than it weighs. It easily converts into a kayak trailer, bike trailer, or gear trailer, or you can carry a mixture of boats, bikes, and gear, depending on what your adventure calls for.

A Kayak Trailer to Haul 4, 5…up to 12 Kayaks!

One of the challenges of kayaking with a large group of friends is that you can only fit a few kayaks on the top of most vehicles. This dilemma typically requires several drivers hauling different kayaks on the roof of each car. With the SylvanSport GO kayak trailer, you can transport up to 10 kayaks at once, with one vehicle. It’s that simple! In fact, the GO is so lightweight and nimble that it doubles as a kayak trailer that can be towed by virtually any vehicle, including a Toyota Prius or a Mini Cooper. SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.

As another kayak trailer option, the GO-Easy can haul up to 4 boats, depending on the weight and size.

GO Kayak Trailer Converts to a Full Service Pop Up Camping Trailer

Another advantage of using the SylvanSport GO as a kayak trailer is that it converts into a spacious camping tent at your final destination. In other words, GO is a kayak trailer and pop-up tent camper all-in-one. This makes the GO perfect for the mobile adventurer who wants to get out and kayak and camp without the hassle of trying to fit all of that gear into a car or SUV.

The Perfect Kayak Trailer for Any Outdoor Enthusiast

One of the things that makes the GO and the GO-Easy so unique is their versatility and multi-functionality. Kayak trailer, bike trailer, gear trailer: they are all of these things, and a whole lot more. Once parked, the GO can quickly and easily be converted into a large, roomy tent camper capable of sleeping four people comfortably. In true lightweight style, the GO-Easy can be outfitted to hold a camping pod, with enough space for two to drift off, under the stars. Check out the GO, and the GO-Easy for yourself to see what fits your lifestyle.