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Try as we might we are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to suggest a design improvement. The GO is perfect. Our GO came through a 35 mph wind storm and flooding rains without any problem
—Jim and Donna, Berea OH.—


Pop Up Camper

The original pop up camper was created to be a small, light and inexpensive way for families to get out, camp and have fun. Over the years, the pop up camper has become bigger and heavier, more complicated, expensive and… less fun. SylvanSport set out to change all that. Designing a pop up camper that puts fun and adventure back in your life is what we’re all about. The SylvanSport GO carries all your gear and toys, virtually anywhere, behind almost any vehicle. Once you’ve arrived at your favorite spot, simply unload and set up the spacious, comfortable pop up tent in just a few minutes. The SylvanSport GO is much more than a pop up camper… in fact National Geographic called it the coolest. camper. ever.

Carry more gear than a pop up camper

The coolest. camper. ever. is also the most versatile pop up camper in the world. With three different configurations and unlimited carrying options, the GO is a Swiss Army Knife of a pop up camper. In Travel Mode, GO can carry 6 bikes or kayaks with 39 cubic feet of storage space on the deck for all your gear. In Transport Mode, GO can carry up to a dozen bikes, kayaks or even motorcycles and ATVs. Carry your bikes on top and take advantage of 39 cubic feet of storage capacity on the deck. There is also a lockable, waterproof storage box with 9 cubic feet of storage that doubles as a cooler, once you’ve arrived. Let’s see any other pop up camper do that!

Before you buy that pop up tent trailer, consider a GO pop up camper

With the intention of changing how the world looks at pop up campers, SylvanSport has reinvented how we carry gear and camp… from the ground up. GO has everything you need for a great pop up camper experience and none of the things you don’t. We put all our efforts into designing, engineering and crafting the lightest, most durable pop up camper in the world. Custom aluminum extrusions, fully tig-welded frames, Kelty tent, unmatched carrying capacity, ultralight, and dozens more innovations and features, make GO the ultimate choice for your next adventure. 

5 outdoor activities you'll love doing in a GO pop up camper

With so much versatility, it’s almost limitless what you can do in a GO. Boating, biking, utility, motorcycling and of course… camping are activities that illustrate how GO is much more than a pop up camper. Carry whitewater kayaks, sea kayaks and even canoes to your favorite waterway. Load up mountain bikes, road bikes and take off for a day of fun. Moving? Have yard work to do? GO is the ultimate utility trailer. You can even remove the top (no tools required) and use it as a true, open top utility trailer for trees, refrigerators, anything you can carry. If you have motorcycles, an ATV even a ride-on lawn mower… drive it right on-board and take it anyplace you desire. Once you reach your destination, simply unload all your gear and toys and you have the coolest, most spacious pop up camper you can imagine. No other pop up camper on earth can deliver it all in one package like GO.

Why choose a GO over pop up campers or other RV options

GO has won many engineering and ‘gear’ awards for its design and versatility. Discerning consumers know the GO is so much more than any other pop up camper on the market. GO is designed specifically for small cars that deliver the fuel economy we all expect in today’s economic environment. GO is manufactured from high-tech materials and craftsmanship that will give performance, lightweight and durability unparalleled in any other pop up camper.