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I picked up S/N 005 at the plant and got to meet many of the principals of the company as well as the production team. It was by far the most memorable experience I have ever had picking up a purchase.
—Michael, Batesville IN—


ATV Pull Behind Trailers

Looking for ATV pull behind trailers but can’t find one with enough carrying space?  GO has enough room to fit up to a dozen kayaks or bicycles and can easily convert into a pop up tent in less than 10 minutes. GO is an elite accessory for any ATV off-roading adventure. Ultralight and extremely maneuverable, GO ATV pull behind trailers can attach to the back of your four-cylinder or hybrid vehicle. SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. Leave the limitations of other trailers in the dust with GO ATV pull behind trailers.

Vacation Will Never Be the Same with GO ATV Pull Behind Trailers

With a 1000lb. load capacity and an innovative custom tent system, GO ATV pull behind trailers can easily enhance your vacation. GO is a lightweight gear hauling machine that can quickly change shape into a camper with a custom self-inflating air mattress. The innovative qualities of GO allow you to take your ATV nearly anywhere and set up camp in ten easy minutes. Haul your gear to remote locations but maintain the comfort of home with GO ATV pull behind trailers

Take Your 4 Wheeler Everywhere with GO ATV Pull Behind Trailers.

GO ATV pull behind trailers can go on virtually any terrain. GO has a 13” ground clearance and high flotation tires specifically designed for off-road use. Don’t let your gear trailer limit your 4 wheeling experience. GO can get your ATV to your desired destination without stress so that you can quickly unload and continue your adventure. Explore the elements of the outdoors with GO ATV pull behind trailers.

ATV Pull Behind Trailers Perfect for Any Small Car

The ultralight design of GO ATV pull behind trailers makes it an easy haul for any four-cylinder car or hybrid vehicle. GO is engineered with a low profile design for minimum drag and super fuel efficiency. Weighing roughly 800 pounds, GO is incredibly maneuverable.  Whether it is a fuel efficient hybrid vehicle or an outdoor enthusiast's Subaru, GO can easily attach in order to haul your ATV to its destination.  Don’t let a small car hinder big dreams, get a GO ATV pull behind trailer!

GO – More than Just an ATV Pull Behind Trailer

An unmatched carrying capacity mixed with an ability to transform into an amazing pop up camper has led some to call GO the Swiss Army Knife of ATV pull behind trailers.  GO has 39 cubic feet of storage space and enough room for ATVs, kayaks, canoes, snowboards, bicycles, and motorcycles.  Beyond the incredible carrying capacity, GO ATV pull behind trailers can convert into a comfortable pop up tent in less than 10 minutes.  GO even has a waterproof electrical system suitable for use as a small boat trailer.  The SylvanSport GO is much more than other ATV pull behind trailers, and according to National Geographic it is the Coolest. Camper. Ever.