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We absolutely love it, it’s been to Alaska, Key West, Michigan, Canada... twice, the Rockies and more. Every time that things attached to my car, people crowd around and want to talk about it.
—Dan, Tucson AZ—

Lightweight Tent Camper

Make Travel Simple with a GO Lightweight Tent Camper

SylvanSport’s GO lightweight tent camper brings the adventure to you by making the journey outdoors a simpler jaunt away from home than ever. SylvanSport designed the GO lightweight tent camper’s frame with ease of use as its top priority. Compatible with most major rack systems, all it takes is one person to hitch the GO lightweight tent camper to a vehicle. Once hitched, load it with everything you need and you’re off! The GO lightweight tent camper is a breeze to tow on the road with its low profile and long-lasting LED lighting. Hit camp and offload your trailer / free up your tent (same thing!) without ever unhitching. Then zip up the custom tent system, activate the self-inflating mattress, and sleep off the day under the stars above ground.


Tow All Your Gear with Any Vehicle in Your New Lightweight Tent Camper

Water bottles, canteens, granola mix, protein bars, MREs, walking sticks, bows and arrows, hiking boots, waders, firewood, camping chairs, kayaks, an ATV — the GO lightweight tent camper was built to haul. And haul it shall, up to 800 pounds worth of gear, on almost any vehicle with a hitch — even a Prius! SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation. The GO lightweight tent camper’s rack system is as universal as possible and is compatible with Thule and Yakima brand accessories (and others as well). Its lightweight aluminum frame makes it as easy as to tow as it is on gas, saving on money and the environment, featuring all tig-welded construction for durable, long-lasting lifetime. The GO lightweight tent camper is ideal for every outdoorsman looking toward the future as well as this weekend’s journey.


The GO – A Lightweight Tent Camper Made for Outdoor Adventure

Tame the wilds with ease in the SylvanSport GO lightweight tent camper. Load up with your favorite mountain bike, backpack, and helmet and take off on a mountain expedition, or pull up a couple road cycles for a gentle ten-mile afternoon excursion on the local back roads. Ramp up a dirt bike or ATV with ease using the GO lightweight tent camper’s Control-Tilt cargo bed and head down to the track for some mudding. Rope down you and your friends’ kayaks, paddles, and life jackets and hit the rapids. Grab a couple boards and head for some surf. Or grab a sleeping bag, a telescope, your sweetheart, and get comfortable on the GO lightweight tent camper’s self-inflating mattress and leave the Kelty tent system awning zipped open for a while under nature’s night sky. The world is a wonderful place. Come see it with SylvanSport’s lightweight tent camper.