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"In the year that I've had my GO I've been on 13 trips. I think my most memorable was at Douthat State Park It was stormy, rainy, windy, the park ranger first said we could be stuck in the campsite if the river overflowed. Several hours later he returned to let us know of tornado warnings!! We stuck it out and survived. Luckily we had great shelter in the GO!!!"
—Nancy, Flemington NJ.—

Canoe Camper

Trying to make it down to the river with your canoe can be an adventure of its own.  Luckily, the SylvanSport GO canoe camper is available to get your gear to its destination with ease.  GO is designed with 39 cubic feet of storage and a pop up camper allowing it to truly be the best canoe camper on the market.

Leave No Stream Unpaddled with the GO Canoe Camper

The SylvanSport GO Canoe Camper was designed to be lightweight and easily maneuvered, so that it can get you to the most remote locations.  Weighing-in at a mere 840 pounds, GO can be hauled by any four cylinder or hybrid vehicle. SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.  The GO canoe camper removes the stress of hauling gear, so that you can fully enjoy paddling your favorite waterways.

Haul All Your Gear - Canoe, Paddles, Life Jackets, Helmets – for the Expedition in One Trailer

GO is conveniently designed  to carry all types of gear including your canoe, paddles, life jackets, helmets, bikes even something as large as an ATV.  This innovative camping trailer was fittingly designed to pack, unpack, and embrace the outdoors.  Once the GO canoe camper is unloaded, it presents a comfortable pop up camping tent that can be set up in less than ten minutes.  If you are looking for a canoe camper, GO no further.

Tow your Canoe with Peace of Mind in the GO Canoe Camper's Sturdy Frame

Trying to get away from the busy city and find some peace of mind?  The SylvanSport GO canoe camper is the perfect vehicle for a quiet getaway weekend.  GO is made of lightweight, custom aluminum extrusions and fully tig-welded so that you can reach your outdoor sanctuary in ease and comfort.  Once you and your gear have reached your destination, the GO canoe camping trailer easily transforms into a comfortable and spacious tent.  With the GO canoe camper, peace of mind is only a short drive away.

Come Ashore and Spend the Night

It is no longer necessary to pack your canoe, kayaks, bikes, and tents separately.  With the GO camping trailer, all your gear can be securely stored in one place with a readily available pop up camping tent.  GO allows you to spend all your energy in the water so that you won’t have to spend it setting up camp.  GO is the Swiss Army Knife of pop up canoe campers, don’t leave home without it.