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I picked up S/N 005 at the plant and got to meet many of the principals of the company as well as the production team. It was by far the most memorable experience I have ever had picking up a purchase.
—Michael, Batesville IN—


Small Hybrid Camper

Small Hybrid automobiles are perhaps the most groundbreaking and fuel efficient vehicles in the world today. The same sensibilities that went into the design of Small Hybrids went into the design and engineering of the GO, the ultimate Small Hybrid camper. You love adventure and want the freedom to spontaneously hit the road, GO will be ready at a moments’ notice and will not cost you a fortune in fuel to do it.  GO is the ultimate Small Hybrid camper.

SylvanSport GO, the ideal camper for small hybrid owners

The Small Hybrid is known for incredible fuel efficiency and state of the art technology, but it is not known for its hauling and towing capabilities.  GO is so lightweight and aerodynamic, you can turn that little car into an incredibly capable and spacious Small Hybrid camper. GO is so light, at 840 lbs and has such a smooth suspension system, you’ll hardly know it’s there.

So many outdoor activities to explore in your small hybrid camper

You love the Small Hybrid and you love the outdoors. Imagine the freedom to hook up a lightweight camper, packed with all your favorite toys, to your Small Hybrid and go anywhere. Having a Small Hybrid camper allows you to explore the great outdoors and save money while doing it. Whether you are a kayaker, hiker, cyclist or mountain biker, now you can go anywhere and spend the night in the most spacious and comfortable Small Hybrid camper out there.

Lose the SUV, this camper can GO anywhere

You no longer need a big, gas guzzling SUV to pull a large camper to your next great adventure. Hook up a GO camper and GO anywhere. GO can carry gear, freeing up your vehicle for people, not “stuff”. Having a Small Hybrid camper means having the freedom to go anywhere and saving money every time! Take a closer look and see why GO is the Coolest. Small Hybrid camper. Ever.


*While the SylvanSport GO weighs only 840 lbs., many automobile manufacturers provide that their warranties are voided by towing of any kind.  SylvanSport does not recommend that you take any actions that would cause you to void your vehicle’s manufacturer warranties, and SylvanSport expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any liabilities or damages associated with the voiding of any vehicle’s manufacturer warranties.  Please be sure to consult with your local dealer if you have questions about your vehicle, its towing capacities or its manufacturer warranties.