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The universal consensus was that the Go was one of the coolest things people had ever seen, and we agree. It exceeded our expectations in every area.
—Vicki, Grand Rapids MI.—


People who have become GO Owners have become very happy campers (sorry about that). Here's what a few of them have to say:

We already have 6 nights in our go this summer, which puts us over 130 nights total in now our 6th season!! we are leaving this Saturday for a 2.5 week trip to Banff and Jasper...sure am glad i could convince my wife to allow me to buy our go, sight unseen, way back when!- Brian, Oregon

We have been using our GO as a way to move my daughter's belongings to a new apartment in the Bronx. I had several people talking to me about the trailer...always a unique treat to talk about it. My daughter was amazed how versatile the GO is. As parking is at a premium by her apartment we unhitched the trailer to easily park it curbside to unload her gear. What a great piece of engineering. - Ron, New York

"In the year that I've had my GO I've been on 13 trips. I think my most memorable was at Douthat State Park- a great place for mountain biking and sightseeing. It was stormy, rainy, windy- the park ranger first said we could be stuck in the campsite if the river overflowed. Several hours later he returned to let us know of tornado warnings!! We stuck it out and survived. Luckily we had great shelter in the GO!!!" - Nancy, Flemington, NJ.

We shopped for our Outback 2.5i wagon last spring and coordinated the purchase of our GO just after the purchase of our 2011 Subaru.  We had both in mind as “the boomer toys of choice”.  We couldn’t be more elated…they are like biscuits and gravy, like strawberries and cream, like sauerkraut on your bratwurst, like horseradish with roast beef.  Some things just work well together!  The Subaru’s rear deck complements storage of camping/kayaking/biking supplies with the GO’s hauling abilities.  Our mpg were hardly affected at all and visibility was not hampered when towing, either in the travel or transport mode - Michael, Bloomington, MN.

We live in Tucson, I bought my GO 3 years ago for my two kids. I surprised my kids with a random trip to pick it up in Ohio and then disappeared into the Colorado Rockies for a couple weeks. We absolutely love it… since then it’s been to Alaska, Key West, Michigan, Canada... twice, the Rockies and more. Every time that things attached to my car, people crowd around and want to talk about it. - Dan, Tucson AZ

Our whole family loved the Go. I loved how I could move it around by hand to get to a flat spot in a non-electric site within the campground. That never would have been possible for a traditional RV or pop-up. It really is a fantastic piece of gear. Thank you! - Eben, Cincinnati OH

Dear Mr. Dempsey, Thank you for showing us that small camper thing, it was really cool. I told my mom and dad about it and they liked it alot. I hope they buy one so I can try it out, and again thank you for showing us that camper. I hope I get one for Christmas. - Dear Mr. Dempsey, Thank you for showing us all that cool stuff you designed. I what to be an Industry al designer when I'm older. My favorite thing we looked at was the tent trailer. The other stuff I've seen before, but the tent trailer was awesome. I like it because it is bizaare. - Brevard Middle School Students, (after Career-Day)

Help! We're surrounded! We took our Go camping a few weeks ago and drew ridiculous crowds. Friends told friends, and pretty soon there was a steady stream filing past our campsite. Some just gawked as they walked by, but more than a few hardy souls stopped and asked,"What IS that?"  When it came time to pack up and leave, my husband had a crowd of spectators numbering around 40. The universal consensus was that the Go was one of the coolest things people had ever seen, and we agree. It exceeded our expectations in every area. - Vicki, Grand Rapids MI

We just arrived home from our "maiden voyage" to Florida with our brand new GO. Try as we might we are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to suggest a design improvement. The GO is perfect. Our GO came through a 35 mph wind storm and flooding rains without any problem, the durability of the GO has been really impressive. It is easy to see that the GO was designed by some very smart people with keen foresight. Consider us very happy GO Owners! - Jim and Donna, Berea OH

We picked it up Wednesday in Sacramento. It is now three days old. We live on a ranch in Northern California and have been sleeping outside in our Go due to unusually high temperatures. We find it much more comfortable sleeping in our Go than inside the house at the present time. Towing the unit behind our Honda Element is a breeze. - Peter, Sacramento, CA.

I thought you might be interested in some of these photos we took on our inaugural summer camping trip with the GO. We went to the Sawtooth range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. The GO worked like a charm and was a big hit with other campers. - Kristen, Burlingame CA

I made a deposit on the GO early in the year and picked up S/N 005 on April 23 at the plant. I got to meet many of the principals of the company--Tom Dempsey, Scott Wood, Kyle Mundt, Tom Reeder--as well as the production team that assembled my GO. It was by far the most memorable experience I have ever had picking up a purchase. What a great team, and I do hope their company succeeds! - Michael, Batesville IN

My wife and I own serial # 15. We have used it several times and are extremely pleased. It has stimulated a phenomenal amount if interest each time we used it. I think your idea is an excellent one and we are very pleased. - Elliott, Chatham NJ 

Took our "Go" to the Lion Country Safari Campground this weekend for our maiden voyage. Listened to the lions roar all night. One starts and then they all chime in. The roaring goes on for three minutes. Then all is quiet for an hour and then it starts again, worth a trip ...Three sets of campers came over to look and ask questions as we set up the "GO." They all were impressed and wanted one!  The "Go" was great to sleep in and pull. Plan to camp every weekend for the next few months and then go to the Smokies this summer. I'm so glad you created the "GO."- Robert, Boynton Beach FL