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I picked up S/N 005 at the plant and got to meet many of the principals of the company as well as the production team. It was by far the most memorable experience I have ever had picking up a purchase.
—Michael, Batesville IN—


Motorcycle Tow Behind Trailers

Motorcycle enthusiasts are known for being tough, passionate, and ready for adventure.  At SylvanSport we have fused those ideals into the GO and have created one of the best motorcycle tow behind trailers available.  Getting your gear from place to place is no longer an issue because GO has 39 cubic feet of storage space and is ultralight, you can easily tow your motorcycle.  Hit the open road and leave your worries behind with GO motorcycle tow behind trailers.

Motorcycle Tow Behind Trailers Made for Serious Bikers

Serious bikers are always looking for the next big adventure and GO is ready to take you there.  Motorcycle tow behind trailers can be cumbersome and can limit your riding experience, but GO is a lightweight camping trailer that can be towed in nearly any terrain.  Extremely lightweight and built to last, it is no wonder that National Geographic Magazine called GO the Coolest. Camper. Ever.  With fully tig-welded frames, GO is a reliable gear trailer, and if you are serious about biking, GO is the elite choice when it comes to motorcycle tow behind trailers.

Lightweight and Easy to Use, GO Motorcycle Tow Behind Trailers Are Top of the Line

GO motorcycle tow behind trailers have been deemed top of the line based on incredible quality and convenience.  Tired after a long day on the road? GO motorcycle tow behind trailers transform into a comfortable pop up tent in less than ten minutes. Now you can haul your bike and all your gear and have a built in camp site at night--no more driving around looking for hotels. The GO motorcycle tow behind trailer is the ultimate accessory to transform your next escapade.

What Bikes Fit the GO Motorcycle Tow Behind Trailers?

Whether you own a Road King, chopper, cruiser, or dirtbike, GO is the best choice when it comes to motorcycle tow behind trailers.  Engineered with unmatched carrying capacity, GO can easily haul kayaks, bikes, snowboards, surfboards, and even ATVs.   At roughly 840 pounds, GO motorcycle tow behind trailers were designed to be ultralight yet manueverable.  Attach your Harley, Kawasaki, or Honda to your GO and embrace the convenience of the coolest. camper. ever.

Buy a Motorcycle Tow Behind Trailer Made in America

Centered in Brevard, North Carolina, SylvanSport is proud to make all GO motorcycle tow behind trailers in America.  America is known as the land of the free and nothing feels closer to freedom than two wheels on the open road.  If you plan on traveling the states on your two wheeled ally, a GO motorcycle tow behind trailer is the ideal gear trailer for your next adventure.  What better way to travel the country than to travel with an American made, born in the U.S.A., gear hauling machine.