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All across the United States, we have passionate GO owners who love talking about the “GO life” and want to share their experiences with you. If you are ready to GO and would like to see one in person…with an actual owner, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you to make the arrangements.

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Meet a GO Getter near you!

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When meeting a GO Getter, please keep in mind…

  • Our GO Getters are real owners volunteering their time to share their thoughts and experiences on the SylvanSport GO.
  • While GO Getters may receive a referral bonus if you purchase a GO directly through SylvanSport, they are not compensated otherwise.
  • As our GO Getters are volunteers, spending their own time and resources to meet with you, we ask that you respect times and meeting places that are agreed upon.
  • While our GO Getters are very knowledgable about their GO and may have general knowledge on pricing, incentives or financing options, these inquiries can best be handled by the Sales Team at SylvanSport. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions at [email protected] or 828-384-5576.

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