Dillon & Earl On The GO: Four days in, on to Minnesota

If you’ve been following the adventure that Our VP of Sales – Earl Hunter and his son Dillon are on, then you’ll enjoy this update. Please check out our Facebook page and see where he’s been and where they are heading next. They are always looking for great places to camp, eat and for fun things to do. Post some comments and maybe even meet up with them!

We are four days in and the time spent with Dillon is precious! While driving, I love hearing him say “look dad…..look at all that water or look at those animals!” We arrived in Duluth, MN around 3pm yesterday and we have been treated like royalty by our clients and friends at Bullyan RV! Instead of staying at a traditional campground. Joe Sr., who owns Bullyan RV, graciously offered us the chance to stay at a private campground. Basically, we had our own lake, campfire, pool, jacuzzi (which Dillon loved, because he said he’s never leaving) all while enjoying the crisp, cool air in Duluth (a little cooler than I thought it would be).

The crew at Bullyan RV

Dillon showing off the GO at Bullyan RV

As I sit here in the GO, on the bed opposite of Dillon while he’s sleeping, I feel a sense of relief knowing that there are still great people in the world who truly understand why this trip is so important to both of us. I’m sure Dillon and I will see more “AWWWWW” attractions but the TIME….the TIME….the TIME! spent together gives me great joy! There is a thin line between #drivingthebusiness and #familytime in regards to my life…..balancing it all is the true test of adventure.

Dillon sleeping comfortably in the GO

Well, I’m about to cook breakfast (bacon and eggs). We’ll pack up the GO, shower and travel to Minneapolis, MN, for a few business meetings with Lake Region RV and Monticello RV Center. I’m excited to discuss ways to improve our business with our clients, but I’m more excited to introduce my Son Dillon to their team (he’s a delightful little dude) #dillonandearl #camplife

Cooking up one of Earl’s famous bacon n’ egg breakfasts, then it’s on to Minneapolis!

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