Dillon and Earl on the GO: Minneapolis

Dillon and Earl continue their adventure through Minnesota. They’re having a blast discovering new places, seeing new things and spending father-son time together. Check out Earl’s latest blog:

Well, last night we camped at the Minneapolis Northwest KOA campground. We experienced our first BIG storm with 20-25mph winds too. The rain thumped the camper like my uncle thumped my ears when I was kid running around in Washington Carver Village Apartments (Columbia, SC). Dillon was sound asleep and the weather totally changed from a nice, warm, muggy night to a dark, very chilly night. When the storms reached its highest power, I felt Dillon moving closer, closer and closer to me. At that moment I tear’d up…..it wasn’t the first time I tear’d up on this trip and I’m guessing it won’t be the last!

Before the storm, we had dinner with a client, Scott & his wife, Fran, from Lake Region RV…..they prepared fresh Walleye….fried and grilled(I believe it’s a Minnesota based fish or just cold water)….it was AWESOME! In fact, it was so awesome, Scott invited Dillon and I to go fishing today to catch our own Walleye (if the rain holds off, we’ll be on the lake by 1pm today). Dillon is super excited and said when he catches his fish, he’s sending it home to momma…lol!

Dillon and I traveled downtown Minneapolis to check the US Bank Stadium (Home of the Minnesota Vikings). It’s a massive facility, but Dillon is a Denver Broncos fan, so it didn’t move him like it would have other kids lol! After taking photos at the stadium, we decided to go to Paisley Park……home of the late great PRINCE! Since Dillon is a new Michael Jackson fan, I had to explain the difference between an entertainer an a musician. He likes the entertainer better (especially MJ’s songs Off the Wall and Girl Friend).

Moving forward…after we finish fishing, we’ll pack-up and start our journey to South Dakota. We’ll possibly stay in Sioux Falls to pick up a package and check out the scenery.

OAN: The mosquitoes in Minneapolis are VERY different from those in Duluth. The Minneapolis mosquitoes have “purple” blood ?


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