Dillon & Earl on the GO: Denver & Colorado Springs

DILLON & EARL SUMMER CAMPING TRIP: Our first stop included a meeting with a client in Wheat Ridge, CO. The meeting was awesome…I was able to share how we plan to help them #DRIVETHEBUSINESS and increase our product visibility.

While driving to Denver from Casper, WY, I mentioned to Dillon that I had a surprise for him (he asked me “what is it” at least 20 times). I decided since we were in Denver, I would take him to his very first Major League Baseball game (Colorado Rockies). I knew this surprise would be a treat because on day one during the drive from North Carolina to Chicago, Dillon and Fuzzy (my four year old daughter for those of you who do not know her) sang “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME” many times during the drive (I still can not understand where they got that song from)…we had only gone to one baseball game together and it was a minor league game (Asheville Tourists). Anyways, before the game, I wanted to get the GO set up at the KOA located in West Denver-Lake Gulch before, so when we returned, we would just climb in and fall asleep. I called the campsite, they confirmed and off we went. We arrived at the site, but they didn’t have the proper space (I believe it was my fault because I talk a little fast, so I must have said we were camping in a tent but didn’t mention the trailer part). Never the less we drove 45mins back to the client site. Dropped off truck and GO and Uber’d it to Coors Field for our VERY first Major League Baseball game together.

When we arrived at the stadium, we both looked at each other and said “WOW”! Dillon was kind of surprised, but not really. One of my clients had already spilled the beans about the game; however, it was still a “WOW” moment! We walked to will call, got our tickets, took a few pics, got our food and proceeded to our seats. We met a cool family with young children, and of course, Dillon ditched me for playtime with the other thunderkatz. While Dillon introduced himself to all in the seats behind us, I sat in section 121 row 26 seat 9 and cried under my sunglasses. It was at that moment I realized why being a father was super cool (I had introduced my 7 year old son to something that I had not experienced until I was 25 years old).

Shortly after the bottom of the 6th ending, Dillon wanted a funnel cake (I knew he wouldn’t eat it, but I said let’s go get it dude). The entire time we walked around and around and around to find those darn funnel cakes, I was thinking “we gotta get back for the 7th inning stretch so we can sing the now famous song amongst Dillon and Fuzzy”. We finally got those cakes and made it to our seats just in time….yep, Dillon and I have a video of us singing “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME” and it was cooler than a polar bear toe nail!

Now here’s where the weirdness starts. Before the game, I called every campground in and around Denver…no one had a space. After the game, I called and searched for a hotel in every city within 45mins of Denver…nothing. Earlier, Dillon told me that I said we would camp the entire trip, so getting a hotel was already against the rules. I had to trump him on that because I needed wifi early, so I drove 1hr and 17mins to Ft Collins, CO, arriving at 1:45am to get a less than stellar hotel room (but it was clean and so were the restrooms). All in all, it was a fascinating night, but just a little weird that city the size of Denver didn’t have a room for an excited father and son 😉

TODAY……TODAY…..TODAY was greater than I expected! You see, Dillon is a Denver Broncos fan (he’s been a fan since Peyton Manning became their QB). He knew we were going to see the stadium today, but he didn’t know we would SEE the stadium and try on Super Bowl hardware. Well, we arrived at the stadium and, of course, took a few pics of the outside. When I asked if he wanted to go in and see the field, he looked at me with puppy dog eyes and said “of course I do!” We proceeded to walked down the tunnel, I met a friend of mine, I introduced him to Dillon and off to the field we walked. While walking to the field, I saw Dillon’s walk get a “Lil Mo” swagger to it as if it was HIS time to shine and I reminded him it WAS his time! We were not able to go on the field because of team rules, but my baby boy was able to feel the Mile High wind/heat as we took candid photos together! Oh yeah, I almost forgot. We both wore my guy’s Super Bowl 50 ring (and was heavy too)!

We left Denver and headed to Colorado Springs for another quick meeting. We didn’t get to see lot of the city because we played hard last night and the night before. We met some cool families and Dillon approved of the beef tacos I made for dinner. When we arrived at the KOA, I noticed one of their employees wearing some wild looking yellow camouflage pants (I figured since Dillon and I wore yellow pants too, we should all take a pic). The Colorado Springs KOA is pretty dope! It has a swimming pool, jacuzzi, ice cream and icy bar, restaurant, playground, Jenga, pool tables but most of all, the staff was delightful. 

As usual, Dillon will find some friends quick. He always seems to invite friends over to the GO for breakfast (he knows I love making pancakes and he loves eating them too). As the sun started to set, I noticed Colorado Springs’ beautiful mountains. 

After my meetings, Dillon and I had lunch with a high school classmate who lives here in Colorado Springs. It’s pretty cool because I haven’t seen her in over 25 years. We visited her office and decided to have lunch in the courtyard. The view was out of sight! 

All in all, today was a GREAT day and now we have a 5hr drive to Albuquerque, NM. I’m assuming we’ll stay there a few days since the campsite looks awesome via the photos. After that, we’ll tackle the heat in Showlow, AZ before heading to Mesa later next week. 

Whewwwww…that was a LOT to type, but I had to give you guys the details 😉 If I said I was THANKFUL, that would be an understatement. I actually do not have a word to describe how I feel to be on the road with my son other than BLESSED!

As always, a big thanks to all the people following our trip and thanks to those who are praying for us too! I’ve had several people call me and encouraged us to keep going WEST (which we will).

OAN: Dillon and I were invited to camp off the grid with fellow GO owner Paul Burns. Our time was short in CS so we didn’t get a chance to meet but we did chat on the phone! 

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2 thoughts on “Dillon & Earl on the GO: Denver & Colorado Springs

  1. Thanks for the response on the GO and the links to this trip. The Denver one was the first one I opened since I just left Denver and that is where I first saw the GO. The GO looks really neat and a lot like what I am looking for to pull with my Jeep. I love the story so far and will probably follow the rest when I am done typing this. I wanted to comment on the baseball game thing because just 3 weeks ago I got to bring my grandson to his first baseball game and it is such an amazing feeling (go Astros!). It sounds like an amazing trip and now I want to plan a similar one. Thanks for taking the time to record the fun you had.

    1. Hi Roger. Glad you got to see the GO! It’s the perfect companion for JEEPs, especially with its versatility as a toy hauler and utility trailer. If you’re still in the Denver area, be sure to check out B&B RV. They have GOs in stock and you can get a full demo there. Glad you got to experience your grandson’s first baseball game too. These are the memories that you never forget! 🙂

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