Dillon & Earl on the GO: Cheyenne, Wyoming

DILLON & EARL SUMMER CAMPING TRIP 2017- Day 10- We have now CONQUERED Cheyenne, WY! We didn’t do and see much in Cheyenne because we are TIRED! Between Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse, our bodies needed some rest. We are about to leave the campground and make another detour to Casper, WY (since Dillon is now a Junior Ranger, he wants to see all the National and State parks) and there is a Dealer in the area who wants to meet regarding the GO Camper!

While driving between cities, I’ve had a lot of time to communicate with my Son. I’ve had to reposition his thought process while saying to myself “Dillon is JUST like me”. For example, we were playing this game called GA GA at Mount Rushmore and Dillon was simply the best of the other Children by a LONG shot and he knew it too. So when he would win which was more often than not, he would say “I’m the best and I love winning”. Well, I can remember saying those same words as a young man. However, being older, I know the difference between confident v/s arrogance ……until yesterday, Dillon didn’t.

Well, I’ve had to teach him how it feels to be treated the way he treats others. Soooo I beat him in every sport at that campground over and over again(GA GA, Basketball, Swimming, Miniature Golf, Running, Bike Riding, Pool, GO Carts, etc). I was so determine to flush the “young braggadouis” out of him, I beat him at going to sleep at nap time and waking up…..yes, it is that serious lol! Dillon is a different child, not that he’s better than anyone else’s child but upon meeting him, ppl have the same reaction(this kid has been here before). With that said, I can see that his confidence is still in tact but I can also see a difference in his tone/demeanor. It’s kinda refreshing because now I know what my Mother and Coaches had to deal with when I was his age.

We never claimed to be a perfect Father and Son duo but we damn sure love each other….that’s a FACT!

OAN: You can’t BS Dillon on ANYTHING. He checks our travel map at least three times a day to make sure we stay on task. Since we had to detour twice, he’s asked me a few times “Dad, do you really know where we are going?” I simply say yes, but I really don’t have a clue…..I just say” we are going West Dillon”;)

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