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Try as we might we are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to suggest a design improvement. The GO is perfect. Our GO came through a 35 mph wind storm and flooding rains without any problem
—Jim and Donna, Berea OH.—


Subaru Outback Camper

The Subaru Outback is one of the most iconic vehicles in the world today when it comes to outdoor enthusiasts. The dependability, surefootedness, sensible features and irreplaceable style make it the natural choice for outdoor lovers the world over. The SylvanSport GO was created with those same ideals and makes the perfect Subaru Outback camper. With its fully tig-welded aluminum frame, use of lightweight and recycled/recyclable materials, rugged construction and stylish good looks… GO is the ultimate Subaru Outback Camper.

The SylvanSport Go, the perfect camper for Subaru Outback owners

If you drive a Subaru or own an Apple product, you know the loyalty you feel for it, it’s more than just a “good car or device”. You want a camper trailer that captures that same spirit and integrity. Like a Swiss Army Knife, GO has many different capabilities and unlike any other camper trailer, GO does “multi-function” very well. Award-winning design and engineering, combined with state of the art, American manufacturing and materials make this the finest, most versatile camping trailer in the world.

Five outdoor activities Subaru Outback owners love

Subaru Outback owners love sports and adventure… that’s why they buy Subarus! Mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, camping and sight-seeing North America are just a few of the ways Subaru owners love to get outside and play. As a Subaru Outback camper, GO is an amazing piece of Mobile Adventure Gear. The ability to carry all your adventure gear, no matter what your sport or activity makes GO a great complement to your Subaru Outback. Being able to relax and enjoy a wonderful camping experience at the end of a full day makes GO the ultimate Subaru Outback camper!

Subaru Outback owners love the GO

Ask anybody who owns a Subaru Outback and a GO about their experiences and they will tell you what a great Subaru Outback camper it is. Like Matt from Virginia who says “The Go is more than just a pop up camper, it is a versatile piece of gear! It can be used as a utility trailer, I used my Go to move into my new house, did not need to rent a truck. I used it to move a piano that I sold. It can be towed by almost anything, compatible with all major rack company systems! Show me something else that is as well built, made in America, has as much versatility, and can be towed by a Subaru Outback, there isn’t anything! These trailers are amazing easy up and down, keep you off the ground, very well ventilated, hold up in high winds, keep you dry in torrential downpours, accommodate tall people. It is just incredible!!!” Or Michael from Minnesota who writes "We shopped for our Subaru Outback 2.5i wagon last spring and coordinated the purchase of our GO just after the purchase of our 2011 Subaru.  We had both in mind as 'the boomer toys of choice'.  We couldn’t be more elated…they are like biscuits and gravy, like strawberries and cream, like sauerkraut on your bratwurst, like horseradish with roast beef.  Some things just work well together!  The Subaru Outback's rear deck complements storage of camping/kayaking/biking supplies with the GO’s hauling abilities.  Our mpg were hardly affected at all and visibility was not hampered when towing, either in the travel or transport mode". There is no doubt, if you are a Subaru Outback owner, the GO is the ultimate Subaru Outback camper! SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines put forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, create an unsafe condition on the road, or put anyone in an uncomfortable situation.