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We went to the Sawtooth range outside of Sun Valley, Idaho, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone. The GO worked like a charm and was a big hit with other campers.
—Kristen, Burlingame CA—


Small Travel Trailers

Make Camping Simple with Modern Small Travel Trailers

The Swiss Army knife of small travel trailers, SylvanSport’s GO is what National Geographic called the “Coolest. Camper. Ever.” It’s an above ground tent, a truck bed, a bike trailer, and more, all in one. SylvanSport’s small travel trailers are lightweight, durable, and versatile attachments for almost any vehicle, enabling their drivers to go out into the world and become hikers, climbers, kayakers, cyclists, surfers, mudders, and sleepers, all in the same trip, all in the same travel trailer.

The GO Proves Small Travel Trailers Can Be Versatile

Outdooring demands efficiency. There’s simply no room for single-purpose tools and equipment. Why should small travel trailers be any different? If you’re an enthusiast with more than one outdoor passion, the GO is your new best friend. SylvanSport GO small travel trailers enable you to bring all your handy tagalongs big and small for your ideal adventure in the wilderness. The GO can haul kayaks, mountain bikes, dirt bikes, surf boards, and more. Then, once you’re on site, the GO transforms into a sleek, comfortable above ground tent (complete with an inflatable mattress) that unfolds and sets up in minutes. 

SylvanSport Builds Small Travel Trailers Perfect for Subaru Outbacks, Mini Coopers and More

SylvanSport GO small travel trailers are so lightweight that a Mini Cooper can tow one—even a Prius can pull a GO. The durable aluminum frame weighs just 840 lbs. and can carry a payload of 800 lbs. That’s a lot of gear, a couple dirt bikes, a full-sized ATV, or mid-sized motorcycle. Tour the country in comfort and convenience with a GO in tow. As small travel trailers come, the GO is one of the easiest to load, offload, and hitch up, thanks to its Control-Tilt™ cargo bed with pneumatic dampening system. In fact, it only takes one person to connect the GO to its tow hitch.

Small Travel Trailers Designed with Awesomeness in Mind

Set out for the whole weekend with SylvanSport’s GO small travel trailers. The GO is hyper-engineered to be a hardy, stalwart companion to the elements, home to you and your gear on the road, and an all-around conveyance to whatever needs haulin’. Whether you’re a rabid outdoor enthusiast or looking for a smart alternative to a pickup truck, SylvanSport small travel trailers are durable like a rhino, graceful like a gazelle, and spacious like a kangaroo. The GO is the impulse camper’s and weekend warrior’s best friend. Pick up and take off for the hills with shelter right in tow or move that piano across town or deliver the lumber from the store to home.