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I picked up S/N 005 at the plant and got to meet many of the principals of the company as well as the production team. It was by far the most memorable experience I have ever had picking up a purchase.
—Michael, Batesville IN—


Camping Trailer

The SylvanSport GO camping trailer was created from the ground up for the best gear-carrying and camping experience possible. With more versatility than a Swiss Army Knife, lightweight design, fully tig-welded, all aluminum frame, and more engineering features than we have room to describe… GO is the perfect camping trailer for all your adventures… as well as your every day needs.

The SylvanSport Go, a Versatile Camping Trailer

If you drive a Subaru or own an Apple product, you know the brand loyalty you feel for it, it’s way more than just a “good car or device”. You want a camping trailer that embodies that same spirit and integrity. Like a Swiss Army Knife, GO has many different capabilities and unlike any other camping trailer. Award-winning design and engineering, combined with state of the art, American manufacturing and materials make this the finest, most versatile camping trailer in the world.

More than a Camping Trailer, a True Outdoor Gear Trailer

Outdoor gear is made to be durable, lightweight, stylish and fun. GO is outdoor gear. SylvanSport set out to create a camping trailer, uniquely engineered to reflect the quality, design and spirit of the worlds’ finest outdoor gear. You can see it, from GOs custom aluminum extrusion, tig-welded frame system to its Kelty-made lightweight tent. GO is built to take you and all your gear to your favorite adventure and give you the most spacious and comfortable camping experience the moment you arrive. Take up to a dozen bikes, kayaks or any combination of gear. GO is more than a camping trailer, it’s the ultimate outdoor gear trailer.

Why the Go is the Perfect Trailer for Camping Enthusiasts

If you like to camp, REALLY camp out… GO camping trailer was created for you. Most camping trailers can not deliver that unbelievable positive experience of tent camping: light and airy materials, the feeling of actually being outside (no hard-sided walls), the sounds and smells that make camping so special. GO camping trailer was created to give you the best camping experience, without all the downside: sleeping on uneven ground, rocks, sticks and mud, the damage a tent pad pad does to the ground, as well as having to carry it all in… and out! The GO camping trailer easily gets you there, up off the ground on a level, comfortable surface. Buy a GO camping trailer for the ultimate camping trailer experience