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Try as we might we are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to suggest a design improvement. The GO is perfect. Our GO came through a 35 mph wind storm and flooding rains without any problem
—Jim and Donna, Berea OH.—


Camping Tent Trailer

Years ago the camping tent trailer was created to allow young families and adventurous outdoor enthusiasts to go enjoy the outdoors, easily and inexpensively. Over the years, things have changed: camping tent trailers have become larger, more expensive, and let’s face it… less fun. SylvanSport set out to change all that with its SylvanSport GO camping tent trailer. We wanted to recapture that spirit of fun by giving you that spectacular, back to nature camping experience of a tent camper, combined with the versatility and functionality of an amazing gear hauling trailer.

The SylvanSport GO, a true camping tent trailer

That special experience of sleeping outside cannot be duplicated in a hard-sided RV. And sleeping on the ground in a tent can be uncomfortable, leave a big pad of matted ground, and anybody who has camped in a washout knows how miserable that can be. The SylvanSport GO camping tent trailer gives you the best of both worlds. GO has a state-of-the-art tent, manufactured by Kelty, to keep you in touch with nature… but warm and dry. Go gets you up off the ground too, so you won’t get wet or have to lie on rocks and branches. Because GO has such a small footprint, you will leave no trace.

Your camping tent and trailer, in one lightweight package

GO is so much more than a camping tent trailer. Lightweight, at only 840 lbs and with three unique configurations, GO is the Swiss Army Knife of camping tent trailers. GO can easily change from a lightweight, aerodynamic gear hauler in Travel Mode, to a large capacity utility trailer, capable of hauling larger objects (even motorcycles and ATVs) in Transport Mode. Finally, once you’ve reached your destination, GO opens up to Camping Mode and gives you the most spacious and comfortable camping tent trailer on the market today.

Not ready for an RV, get a GO camping tent trailer

You’ve always been adventurous and you’ve always loved tent camping. You can never imagine yourself in a big, hard-sided RV (complete with satellite TV and faux fireplace). You need a GO! This camping tent trailer is the perfect thing to get you and your family close to nature, up off the ground and to do it all easily and inexpensively… in the coolest. camper. ever. GO takes the tent camping trailer to a whole new level.