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We shopped for our Outback 2.5i wagon last spring and coordinated the purchase of our GO just after the purchase of our 2011 Subaru. We had both in mind as “the boomer toys of choice”. We couldn’t be more elated…they are like biscuits and gravy, like strawberries and cream, like sauerkraut on your bratwurst, like horseradish with roast beef. Some things just work well together! The Subaru’s rear deck complements storage of camping/kayaking/biking supplies with the GO’s hauling abilities. Our mpg were hardly affected at all and visibility was not hampered when towing, either in the travel or transport mode
—Michael, Bloomington, MN.—



Camping Pop Up Camper

There’s nothing like the freedom and adventure of camping in the great outdoors. Camping is a perfect way to escape from the stress of everyday life and reconnect with the wilderness. With that noble goal in mind, why would anyone want the stress and challenge of gear that takes a huge amount of effort to deal with and maintain? We named our premier pop-up camper, GO, because that’s exactly what its ready to do: GO!! Whether you’re headed out on an epic camping adventure, or just zipping down to your favorite overnight spot in the woods, the SylvanSport GO is ready when you are. It is adventure delivered.

The benefits of camping from a pop up camper

Camping from a pop-up camper is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to get out into the wonder of nature and the outdoors. It allows you to pick an outdoor adventure and make it happen simply, in the true tradition of camping. The SylvanSport GO gives you all the benefits of camping with a pop-up camper, without any of the challenges. Light-weight and easy to set-up and break-down, and complete with awesome conveniences such as lockable waterproof gear storage and multiple living space configurations, this pop-up camper is truly an camping enthusiasts dream. It is simply the coolest. camper. ever.

The SylvanSport GO, more convenient than tent camping, more affordable than an RV

Anyone who has been car camping with a tent knows that it can be a hassle. You have to clear out your trunk and trying to pack everything you need into your vehicle with limited space while your roof rack is taken up by your favorite gear. The SylvanSport GO is the convenient option for going camping. It is also way more affordable than a big RV and so much easier to maintain.  GO features a low profile design for minimum drag and excellent fuel efficiency. Our goal is not only to save you on your initial purchase, but also to save you money on gas. The SylvanSport GO is the most affordable option for getting out into the great outdoors. 

The best pop up camper ever, great for camping and other outdoor activities

At SylvanSport we stand behind the statement that this is the best pop-up camper ever. Whether you’re headed out on a month-long summer camping trip, or jetting off to a crisp fall weekend music festival, GO is your choice for adventure delivered. From hauling all your gear, to creating memories in nature GO helps make it happen. When relaxing and gazing at the stars out of your new SylvanSport GO, you’ll understand why we call this the best pop-up camper ever.